woman world

Written by: jan oskar hansen

It is a woman´s world 

The new sex symbols are men they want to look like 
muscular heroes seen on TV and on films. 
They train several times a day to get a perfect body 
other men have, thinking they must to attract women, 
but all they attract are other men who fall into 
the same trap what a beautiful body is the beginning 
and a goal by itself. Why is it that men have been 
reduced to think of their body must be perfect when 
it by itself has little value? In a world where women 
are equal; men subconsciously think they have in order 
to attract women must look nice and attractive. 
But women are not stupid they may adore a beautiful
Body, but they prefer, after having a fling with a body 
builder, marry a man with prospects who can give 
them security and economic stability. Women are not 
romantic, they pretend to be, but prefer to marry 
a man who can look after their children regardless if 
the man are the real fathers or not, because a man 
will accept a foundling in the name of love.