this feeling

Written by: Kristian Cavinder

Chills up my spine 
I walk within my shoes
i'm reminded of the beautiful imperfection 
in and out of my soul.
I get this feeling everyone's eyes upon me 
staring deep in my heart pound pound beating.
So fast as this feeling gets stronger. 
My anxiety grows I look down at my feet.
Just to walk past as i'm walking I realize I should not feel ashamed.
As my head lifts high i get this feeling , 
Empowerment fills my body up from my feet.
All the way to my head yes i'm different but different is okay.
I may not look like your average woman but there's no other like me.
So what if I have cerebral palsy and I may walk with a limp?
Does that make you any better then me?
Stop think breathe this feeling fills the air powerful
hearts are beating out loud.
Soon enough we out stand all , Stand as tall as a mountain.
As solid as a rock remain proud and strong as ever, 
lesson learned never doubt within myself.
Never let judgement push me so low to where there's nothing but pain.
This feeling I feel i'm proud never ashamed and 
my happiness is loud you can look. 
See the smile on my face you can never erase.