The Effect of Doing Nothing

Written by: Laura Breidenthal


Trails of your tears are seen on the grounds of time
Twice removed; I see the sheer impact of the grime
I didn’t even try to stop it; I would only add to the pain
I saw their eyes glaze over when they realized you were dead
And I hated myself for all the things I had said
I put on the sheets of endless sorrow—what we call rain

I fled from the living, an early retirement
Giving into the darkness of my solitary confinement
I scratched the scabs of dry tears building in my disclosed eyes
Only to open them to a deplorable land
A land and people I have never come to understand
Now I can never silence the shrilling cries

Tears everywhere—tears filling my heart
Piling on emaciated stillborns in the familiar death cart
I see women, children, grown men screaming in rage
And the crusty eyes close again, not knowing what to do
I am merely a coward—a faltering fool
Every other quality I had once possessed is hazed

Raise the sun on my darkened gloom of today
I wish only to take all of the self away
To make room for others in this solitary state
For the next time hate rains down upon the ground,
I will take all of the blame without a sound
For no one deserves my distilled, dark fate