Te quiero mucho

Written by: mary abdali

The shining water mesmerized her
Moments of intimacy,physical and emotional
Sweet breath,musky smell
Time on a standstill,the hour clock,sinking sand
A struggle inside the depth of hearts
Truth of the time,above all desires
Heart of gold,strongly denied
Lips of lust,clawed to fight
He is inside of her, forever in his touch
So hard to put the feelings into words
Found everything in the darkness of this night
A safe place , never letting go ,hold it tight
Pain or pleasure, discovery or destruction
Unprepared for this soul connection
Absurd how she left without saying goodbye
It was never meant to be, her foolish desire
He made her live, she killed herself again
Guilt of the crime she hasn't committed
Ungrateful he thinks, a little obnoxious
Unaware of her situation,it was never meant to be,
strolled unknowingly into paradise,
turning back toward the scorching sun
The words she didn't know,the language she didn't speak
holding it so dear, in her silly make believe
She walked back to her place, no regrets
just one complain from life as it gets,
A glass heart which cracks within a strong body,
it never makes sense
The boundaries of cultures and religions
A sinful act of love and adoration
A crime to care, A crime to laugh
Her self imposed punishment ,to be very far
one day after life,above and beyond
she will gather all her rulers, ask them why not?
why make her fall in love and tell her to stop?
Give her a valid reason,don't judge or mock
Till that day arrested in a self prison of loneliness
Hoping one of these days she finds an orthodox happiness
And that she tell herself is what is meant to be
Meanwhile she strokes her back, It was never meant to be.