Into the Void of Silence

Written by: Rebecca Larkin

October 03, 2012

Settle around me this silence
For it is all I know, all I'll ever know
Do you know when I feel low?
When my depression drags me to the depths of below
I do not think you do, for you are never around
When I crash, far beneath the ground
and I'm screaming, can't you hear me!?
Where are you, where have you gone? Can you save me?
Why am I so alone, when I want your comfort,
When I NEED your comfort
So close to me, I can see you
Yet so far, you do not see me, do you?
Close these bleeding wounds of mine
Hurry before I fall away and die
But the silence, the loneliness just thickens
I need your help, but you do not come
I need you, I need you
Savior where are you?
why am I so trapped, so fallen, so lost?
What is the price, what is the cost?
For me to be taken from the void of silence
Can I ever be saved? Or is it too late for me
Will I ever be free?
Where are you my friend?
Why do you not come to aid me?
You said i could trust in you, rely on you
But you are not here...YOU!
You are gone again! ...Why?
Why have you ignored me...?
Why have you left me with this empty silence
With nothing, no hope, no faith to hold onto
Where have you gone my friend
Why have you left me behind? Was I easy to forget in the end?