Written by: andrew delapruch

knew a man who’d
been around the block &
it’d be ok to say it---
was one of those guys
that wore his ****s on
his sleeve, like they’d
been going out of style &
he’d jump at the chance to
talk about them any
chance he got.

not all aspects of the
disgusting are so &
the rule applied to him,
for such pertinent information
can in fact be produced
by the most obviously 
insecure & powerless---
in showing this he 
said that they’d be the first
to change themselves for him,
that they’d curb all their 
dreams to offer themselves up &
that like a snakecharmer 
he had it down flat---
he could pinpoint the moment 
when she would melt,
he could pinpoint the time
when she’d put herself on the
shelf to bow to his every need
such self-betrayal was the 
makings of a perfect way 
to use anyone he saw fit
in order to get just exactly what
he wanted,
until he was bored &
then he’d cut them off & burn them,
tossing them in the past,
“winning’ as he saw it, every single time,
because with each new experience came
a way to further sharpen his seductive
wit, charm & inevitable
success in the