Behind Her Eyes

Written by: Juniper Lock

The mirror holds her mystery 
and beckons figures dark 
within reflections sweet to see 
the song unleashed the spark. 

Upon the sight of what becomes 
Replayed in fevered time,
Ironically more than their love
To catch the hint of rhyme. 

Hues of blue and green eyes too 
move from left to right. 
Mysterious with flecks anew
upon seduction's night. 

What is that she dares to do 
or say or speak or feel? 
She longs to play the jester's fool 
forgetting all that's real. 

Flip the switch 
that bears the truth 
beams of light upon 
The breast of hope and ivory skin 
emotions felt so strong. 

Crave to see the lover's flesh 
thrown aside like dust. 
Dare to love her still the same 
more substance than just lust. 

Mirrors have a way of telling 
truth apart from lies 
The ecstasy and fantasy 
they lie behind her eyes.