are texans americans

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Are Texans Americans 

Texas is a peculiar country – I avoid saying state-
very proud of their country and polite, gladly 
show you around and invite you barbeque and
lone-star-beer. It is only when it comes to religion 
and their belief in a vengeful God…an eye for an 
eye, you realize they are aliens closely related to
fanatical Muslims whose belief also is inflexible.
The Texans are infused by western cowboy myth, 
the Ok, coral and the lone ranger who comes along 
and with his guns create law and order.
Their governor must prove himself by not pardoning
a convicted killer unless people will see him as soft 
on crime….The sheriff rules ok. Next time you go to
Texas extol, their uniqueness and enjoy their extra
big burgers with hot Mexican sauce.