Everyone needs one

Written by: nastoshia siedlecki

Everyone needs one
I come and go sick or healthy 
I create beautiful pictures-Artist 
I write stories-Writer
 I use my voice all the time-Singer
 I dramatize everything you see-Actor/Actress 
I fix your computer-Computer Technician 
I repair your vehicles-Mechanic 
I heal your pets-Veterinarian
 I educate you well-Teacher
 I’m their when you’re dying-Doctor
 I supply your medication-Pharmacist
 I prevent forest fires-Ranger
 I take care of your children-Babysitter 
I hire the needed for jobs-Businessmen
 I translate your words-Interpreter
 I keep the people in town safe-Policemen
 I solve unwanted crimes-FBI Agent 
I make sure you stay in your cell-Prison Guard 
I play mind games-Psychiatrist 
I fight for your rights-Lawyer
 I arbitrate your freedom-Judge
 I make decisions that affect my country-President
 I fight for this country-Soldier
 I hardly rest-Congressmen 
I entertain you and your family-Comedian
 I make you choke on your words-Debater 
Sometimes I rip you off-Telemarketers
 I make you lose your house-Bill Collectors
 I steal your money in a secretive way-Government
 I destroy your country-Mobster 
I’m after your president-Terrorists 
I may be rich, average, or poor but at least I do my best 
Until the end