Best friends forever

Written by: nastoshia siedlecki

Best friends forever
 Written 10-13-05 Edited 9-1-07
The fire burned brightly 
While we ran through the woods away...away...from the flames 
Faster and Faster 
We ducked behind the bushes 
As the fire trucks arrived
 we laughed and giggled 
watching the torment 
After that day we vowed to be there for each other
 Best friends...forever
 days went by slowly
 Laughter and excitement each time 
until the dreadful day
 When my mother found out 
Restraining order... 
But that could not stop us
 For we friends...forever
 Trouble began to sink in 
The fun we had 
Got caught again 
But did not stop us again
 For we friends...forever 
Another restraining order slapped us in the face But this time it was worse 
That was the day I lost my best friend