Spying on me

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

While quietly sitting down
In one of the benches in Central Park,
Bewitched by a Sunny afternoon,
I saw something moving fast/
I imagined it was a ghost
That found refuge under a shadow
Of a lonely tree still standing
In the middle of the open field…

For a moment, I thought
That it was you spying on me.
Yes, the woman that silently hid
Behind a colorful mask,
Some time ago!
The one that broke my heart
And run away like a frighten thief
Almost caught
In the middle of the night…

In a starry and clear night,
Sitting again in the same bench,
I observed the bright full moon
And suddenly I heard a loud voice
Like somebody calling my name
And for a moment, I was afraid,
I thought it was you calling me
While hiding behind the moon…
Now, a question remains:
Were you the one spying on me?
Only time will tell
The day you come back to me!

Romeo Della Valle