Written by: ilene bauer

Buy a pumpkin, big and round;
Choices at the stands abound.
Pick one with a solid stem –
You’ll know when you’ve found a gem.

Cut a circle ‘round the top;
Dig inside – remove the glop.
Separate each slimy seed;
Patience is what you will need.

Rinse and dry this pumpkin treat;
Spread them on a cookie sheet.
Shake some salt and let them bake;
Undersalting’s a mistake.

Meanwhile, get your sharpest knife;
Time for Jack to get a life.
Carve a face with sneer or grin,
Then you poke a candle in.

Now your Jack-O-Lantern’s set;
Admiration’s what you’ll get.
While you’re feeling downright boasty,
Munch some seeds, all nice and toasty.

Some traditions never die;
This one has a reason why:
Every year at Halloween,
Jack-O-Lanterns steal the scene!