Unguided Tour

Written by: robert johnson

I'm on a ride back to nowhere.
Back where I started from.
Where the ring of truth goes round in circles.
And you just end up a bum.

I've spun my wheels till there's no tread.
Sung for my meals just to get fed.
I'm looking for a place to start without a glimpse of hope.
Somewhere where I can trace my heart to the last knot on the rope.

My bag of tricks to pick up chicks, I gave up years ago.
My reputation, I tried to fix, but you know how it goes.
The absolute of yesterday's all anybody knows.
And now my lifes a patch work quilt of someone elses clothes.

I'm on the road to better days if I can find my way.
From where the past left me aghast  with nothing left to say.
My hopes and dreams hung on moonbeams are fading in the sun.
Life's not alway's just what it seems when your living on the run.

Maybe someday the air will clear so I can finally see.
That over there away from here, I'll come to know it's me.
That pulls the strings when the truth rings of what was meant to be.
And this bird fly's up to the sky's to finally be free.