Macabre Gaiety

Written by: Abdul Malik

Take my senses away
Make me crazy,
Stir some memories
Make a story;

Oh, Love me to death,
Give me a life then kill me.

Show me the way
Then lead me astray,
Enrich me with love
Then waylay me;

Be my friend, betray me,
Be my God, bedevil me.

Let's congregate in a tavern
Worship in this safe haven,
Follow no faith
Pander for no priest;

Let's hobnob with the angels,
Befriend the demons on the sly.

Drag my soul through the desert
Then carouse there in an oasis,
Set me ablaze with your passion
Then douse it with your perspiration;

Let's sleep on a bed of cactuses
And thumb our noses at the heavens.

Let's grow up
And just kid around,
Lie down in a grave
And wake up in a cradle;

Let's usurp the world from Atlas
And rattle the hell out of its core!