How far

Written by: Bobb Marly

14 oct 2012  11:00 AM

How far has the east gone from the west
How deep is the sea of forgetfulness 

How is it that the past never escapes me
Why is it that I swim the the sea though its waves terrify me

How foul the vomit of mistakes
How foul that like a dog I return to it

How stinging is the whip of regrets
How much more stinging that it is I who punishes me with it

The east is on the right and the west is on the left
of a cross whos arms will never touch

The sea is as deep as the pool of blood that came from a man
who gave every drop as redemption for us all

The foul stench of mistakes and the sting of regret are cleansed and healed by the stripes and sacrifice of a Christ a Savior who made Himself a sacrifice for all people for all time

written by Bobb Marly