Echoes on My Heart

Written by: Juniper Lock

Oh foolish lover’s rhapsody within a wounded chest
I feel the arms wound tightly where I’d lay my head to rest,
Ripped from limb wide open thrust into a covered door
Latched in place and time erased knees hit the hardened floor,
Cold dank door that leads to light but shelters such intrusion
Frozen etching window panes lead towards the shore
That bounds with waves of discontent and obvious delusion,
To believe such eyes that breathe and hit me with a strike of poison
An anecdote to ease the rush through coursing veins illusions,
Played so  with  bow upon my heartstrings need
Wounded chambers ventricles heave from wretched scenes,
Rewind, recall, rehearse again in eerie perfect rhythm
How could one be what their not a perfect cut division,
As if an identical twin of two split right down the middle
Feast upon the wounded heart like some sort of kibble,
Dreams that you will hold me close and stop the heart that bleeds.
Passion overtakes somehow becomes a raw obsession
leaving me to drown in my own shame and selfish needs
Feel the signal sent to you upon the wind's inflection
Forever softly echoed on my heart the sad refrain.