The Cougar

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The Cougar
Her claws are out she spies her prey
Another one will she have today
She pounces with a leap so light
He does not have the time for flight
Her claws embed deep within
Her prey so young and fine and slim
To her the need of prey is great
They don’t know yet of their new fate
Her prey he seems to like the dance
To watch the cougar jump and prance
Until she spies a finer catch
Her claws she then will detach 
To find another young fit prey
To feed her habit day by day
As age creeps on she does the dance
Not so many young ones seem to chance
She offers them all they desire
While deeply wanting her own warm fire
With slippers a book and fine romance
The cougar want to give up her dance
Aged alone and not feeling grand
She thinks she needs to offer her hand
But young fit men have seen times sand
To protect herself she grows claws and fangs
Around her body her bling does hang
She digs in deep and tries to hold
But the young ones now are far to bold
They take what she has to offer them
Then they go back to their young girls again
©~GG~ 14/10/2102