Written by: Juniper Lock

You have taken all that's left of me
And placed me on  dark shelf
I gave you every ounce so free
You bled me dry and then I wept.

Why must you wrap my soul in knots
and unwind me when you get the notion?
The pain inside it simply rots
I realize there was no real devotion

I toss and turn upon my bed at night
my pillow has a covering of tears
You watched me twist in the wind with sheer delight
My heart has stopped from self inflicted fear

I must ask you now just why and how
you knew I gave my most emblazoned passion
Does the mirror show you truth of my breakdown?
Like a raging river my lonely tears are crashing.

Memories they race into my mind
haunting echos of  time that was
I laid upon our bed close by your side
how can you disgrace the two of us?

I feel my heart has been the punch line
and jokes are played with me as the expense
You told the world our deepest loving times
on top of that you said it with pretense

so now my love I fear this is the end
It's sad to see our love crushed like a rose
I guess those things you said were all pretend
and like they say I guess that's how it goes

My petals they have fallen to the ground
Your princess lost her crown along the way,
Like a thief you stole without a sound
I would have loved you 'til your dying day.