Written by: nette onclaud

When a peach smile hangs on moonbeam
How the roses become your christened lips,
While I hold my restrained gleam 
My sleepwalking queen.

Pearl dew, 
Let’s douse in slow-drags, made for two 
While curls of tossed hair perfumes air of bay
I feel the blue night of you
Blue night so, so new. 

...And when grasses breathe long
Just linger by my side,
Let time not wait...
For you are my one song;
Here, stardust abides
On wisps of soft jazz rides...

Come, love
Dusk bears new morns ; I’m yours, love
As glow of whispers light fireflies
Sweet talking , I’ll leave no more sighs
No, no goodbyes.

*inspired by musical versions of Johnny and Santo,
 Ventures,  and Jeff Beck

Sleepwalk Contest of Craig Cornish
by nette onclaud