Written by: gracel almada

For months we've been in this roller coaster ride
I wonder if in end we'll still have each other's side
I can't tell if you're joking or the things you said were true
Right now i'm scared of falling for you

Are we both afraid or I'm just over-thinking things
This is overwhelming, I'm not used to this kind of feelings
But you sent me over the edge
Sometimes i just wanna close my eyes
And imagine that this is true what we have
That we both are already falling in love

This is wrong, i should get a grip
I don't wanna fall too deep
Don't tell me you love me, i might believe in you
'Cause this is wrong what we do
So stay away from me
I'm scared of what we'll both see

You make me laugh, you make me frown
This is not what i have in mind, I'm so down
One minute you're sweet, next minute you're cold
This is frustrating, this is getting old

Are we both holding back or I'm in this alone
But i can't seem to put down this phone
And even when i go to bed
You keep messing with my head
You're one heck of a confusing man
I'm scared of your wicked plan

It's hard to keep up with you
I don't get what you want me to know
I'm not obtuse, I'm not playing dense
But we just don't make any sense
I'm afraid of what you make me feel
Or if you're feelings are even real

So stay away from me
Before we'll see what we need to see
Our ending might get ugly
So stop doing what you do to me