Becky and the Toad

Written by: Seren Roberts

Am dog watching at my sisters
When her pooch comes in from the grass
Dangling from her mouth is a leg of a toad
The rest is in her mouth

Geez I thought now its trouble
The blasted toad  popped  out
Just as Becky rolled on the floor
Eyes rolling and tongue hanging out

I washed out her mouth with fresh water 
As I call the vet from my phone
Can u come immediately
Stupid dog has caught a toad

She is lying on the floor eyes rolling
Am worried that she will die
Vet said am on my way
I sat down and started to cry

My sister’s going to kill me
If Becky isn’t here when theyre  home
I’m going kill Becky for getting me 
Into this nightmare alone

Vet arrives as Becky
Starts  snoring , dreaming of  the next doors boy
Was after the vet handed me the large bill
I noticed the toad was a toy.