Pineapple Punch Part II

Written by: Susan Burd

The warm drafts blew them up and down
Too close to buildings in the town.
As busy streets filled up with people
They drifted toward the church’s steeple.

Gassy Gabby collided first.
She let out a tremendous burst,
Which put her in a slow descent
And left the poor old steeple bent.

Soon all the creatures thumped their rumps
And belched from all the knocks and bumps.
Their bold releases were too loud
And knocked down children in the crowd.

The scary scene of carbonation
Was broadcast clear across the nation
Viewers stared at the menagerie
Bouncing ‘round on live on TV.

Police and firemen were there
To save the floaters in the air,
With hoisted ladders, poles and nets
They snagged those gassy wild pets.

But Gabby cruised into a bush
Which put some thorns into her tush
Then crashed her right down as she burped
‘Cause CO cannot be usurped.

The EMT’s examined her
Then checked those victims wearing fur.
And so declared that they were fine,
But said, “You must not ever dine

On power-packed pineapple pop.”
“It’s hazardous.  It has to stop,
Or next time you’ll float off again
And find you’re lost in Michigan!”

So Gabby waits for once a year
With all the squirrels, raccoons and deer;
Each birthday she shares one tall glass
And saves them all from passing gas!

By Susan Burd © 2012