Harriet-Part II

Written by: Susan Burd

The mice moved in, the birds moved out
They were in charge; there was no doubt
That lazy girl just disappeared.
But was she gone?  Her mother feared.

When spring arrived, bees built a hive
Wrens made a bath and took a dive.
The branches grew, and flowers bloomed
That stubborn girl might well be doomed.

Then trees took root and vines entwined
Life was grand-no critter whined.
Still she was buried ‘neath her guise.
Did this fact come as a surprise?

Last time mom checked under that hair
She heard a faint voice, barely there;
“I won’t.  I shan’t.  You can’t make me.”
“I want my way.  Why can’t you see?”

By Susan Burd © 2012