Sleepwalking on Twilight Street

Written by: Carrie Richards

It seemed the day would never end.
Murphy's Law had been my friend.
Phones that rang, needy voices, terrible choices,
Undone chores, a heartache sore, even more.
Problems still unsolved, 
Issues not resolved.
A troubled day, a weary brain.
I couldn't wait to hide, ....escape
That night I tumbled in between the sheets.
At last, ... I fell to slumber's keep.

From blurry depth's of morning's stupor,
Where consciousness droops in a vague defeat,
I arose once more to light and meaning,
The familiar voice of twilight street:
     A dog's gruff bark; the sound of tears,
     A rasp of a broom that sweeps the years
     Tramping feet, and shifting gears;
     And rippled laughs of childish jeers...
Deep was the vaporous peace of my dreams,
Where angst nor fear won't be discerned.
My life called back from twilight sleep,
I return once more to face the street
Back on the road to reality....

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