Shades of Green

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

     "Shades of Green"

In meadowland, fragrant heather cascaded
While I walked hand in hand flowered kisses invaded.

Pollen descended from golden honeybees
Buzzing contently upon billowing breeze.

Gazing at blue sky, I brightly smile
Into evening light, my eyes to beguile.

A haven of refuge in this peaceful place
Sun-rays touch so gently every leaf's face.

My true love appears in shades of green
As tender emotions emit unseen.

A fantasy paradise, sweet and serene
Passions overflow among beautiful green.

My dreams of delight transport me there
Immersed in embrace without a care.

As tall as green grass, the winds, I kiss,
Curve on curve sways, bending in bliss.

*For Catie Lindsey's Re-Write One of My Poems Contest.