The soldier

Written by: Vijayshankar Balasubramanian

I saw his face, blood streaming from forehead, still smiling, eyes shining,
He was a victim of an enemy sting.
Three hours back we were both laughing at a very personal joke,
Sharing the last can of a very old stock of coke.
My fingers ached, both my arms were very numb.
Got myself a strong dose of morphine, got hold of a stale bread crumb.
To live, To avenge, for work to be done.
Once more, I picked up my weapon.
The major screamed our next plan,
But we were outnumbered, it was to be the end of our clan.
Bloody battle !! people falling down like erected sticks,
Only this was not a circus, and nobody was doing it for kicks.
I will not be there to see my baby stand,
It is not important !, For us: who defend, us who belong to the warrior band,
The only thought is "The alien's dust shall not settle on our land" 
"Till the last of us is buried in the sand",