Written by: Noble Smalls

If I could visualize the world in your eyes and feel what your heart speaks we would be able to teach reaching the many people who dream what we have obtained.


The love of a FAMILY
The AMBITION to survive to have more positive insights to be able to believe in a future.

The MENTALITY to adapt to the changes that has and will take place, even if it means that we love or hate them.

Having the ability to EMOTIONALLY control our urges that destroy so many. Yet to be moved by love with the lack of violence.   Until necessary to enforce some type of love and happiness in the minds of many who don't believe anymore.  The type of love the children need and dream of in a world that’s force to hate when they are born to love.

To achieve greatness and be a positive leader among leaders who have false goals of becoming someone who could actually lead, so many have lost their views on what needs to be corrected and improved to become better people.   I’m often reminded by so many people of all their extreme lies told all in the vein of false fame.