A Winter Stroll Beckoning Wordsworth

Written by: Jennifer Cahill

A walk through the fields, the marshes nigh  
Water risen steep along the banks  
Swinging low a grey tailed hawk flies  
To the girl's shrouded figure, stooping, it aims 
She feels the swoosh of its wings, her ash curls caught  
Entangled in a hundred claws  
Oh Oh she cries with a fearful yell  
The wind races the clouds' billowy bursts   
As she struggles to try and free herself   
She bends to the ground, though only for the worst   
Blood splatters the grass and soaks the soil   
Life gushes out, like lava at its boil   
Winter buries deep, the snowfalls and the setting suns   
Virgin white covers the silent and the frozen 
And in the Spring, when new life has begun   
Within the hug of her bones, a wing is broken