Written by: Albert Price

Teach us, O Lord, the newness of wisdom;
Bestow on us daily the power of the mind.
Keep us humble by the knowledge of creation;
On your sustenance allow us to continually dine.

Pour into us the divine light- your first creation,
That very first fruit of your heavenly artistry.
And open our mind’s gate to your dominion
So we may partake of your inventive mastery.

Unlike man all your works are judged very good;
May we share your vision so to share your gift?
Let the works of our hands be not mere vanity,
But the product of hands that help and minds swift.

Pardon our selfish desires we no longer need;
Allow us to avail ourselves of the new libation,
That comes pouring over the fountain of goodness,
Moving as it cascades toward utmost consolation.

Consecrate within our soul a new spirit,
To guide our appointed path with divine light.
May we always reverence your dominion,
Never forsaking to hold high our sworn plight.