Goodnight Daddy

Written by: Juli- Michelle

It's sad that I can't talk to you
Because I know that you don't care
It's always school or misbehavior
Otherwise I'm just not there
Do you know my favorite subject?
And the things I like to do?
Do you know the things I've said and done
I've never had the chance to tell you?
You probably don't see me, really
I'm just another child gone wrong
But it kills me, my greatest accomplishments
My grades, my writing, my songs
And getting over the worst struggle of all... 
You don't even know it transpired
She noticed my pain, and hugged me close
But to you, I was merely tired
Hey Daddy, what's my favorite color?
What do I like to do?
Daddy, you never let me tell
But you tell me all about you
And you talk to my sisters constantly
You go in and kiss them goodnight
Even though my room is right next door
You never make sure I'm alright
I know that it's wrong for me to cry
About something that's not as bad
As other people go through in their lives
But I love you, I need you Dad...
If I asked you what you knew of me
I wonder what you would say
If anything, I'd never ask
Because I know you'd turn me away