Dear I don't know

Written by: Delilah Ventura

 Dear I don't know,

       I'm here in a place, I should call my castle
 The problem with this is, I don't feel it's paradise
 For, I sit alone, so many days and nights
 Sometimes I cry, and don't know, why
 Nor, know how to stop my fear
 Due to the burning knives
 I feel so deep in my spine

  I keep trying to find, the happiness
  I once carried in my soul, but it
  Seems so hard to find
  Were did it disappear to
  Were did it go

   For, I'm so lost in this world
   Don't know, what to do
   I just know, I am writing to you
   Hoping you can give me a clue
   Because, I don't know
   What to do
   Life left me so confuse