Inspired version of The Rattling Train

Written by: Sumit Majumdar

The carriages sway and how they shudder                  
Rattling behind the one-eyed monster                     
A powerful beam lighting the tracks ahead
Piercing the gloom, onward it sped
Unaware, uncaring the driver slept
Was destination destined or would it be death?

Windows barred to keep cold night at bay
The passengers asleep where they sit or lay
The rhythm of wheels, fast and frenetic
The rock of wagons deepening their sleep
Belching black smoke, the behemoth thundered
Could death be averted, the angels wondered

Ere the train broke the night’s quiet
The countryside slumbered in the cold night
And after the train had thundered past
Birds screeched, freed from the spell that night had cast
Their banshee shrieks echoing ominously in the dark  
Nature’s feathered creatures had gone berserk

Clickety clack clickety clack went the wheels
Changing tracks and terrain with no change in speed
Just when it seemed that all souls were lost
The pace slackened - speed and distance had extracted its cost
With limbs gone limp, the stoker collapsed and lay still
And the train slowed down, creaking and groaning as it went uphill