free cee

Written by: jeffry cohan


Fair fortune fell but once upon
Until failure deemed fortune gone
One day was so brightly sun drenched
The next found me with teeth well clenched

So fair was she with a galaxy in her eyes
A constellation for the universe a prize
Just the sight of her entering through my front door
Birthed a feeling of exhilaration she’d never felt before

But being exhilarated often leaves one weary
And the finding of fair fortune fleetingly turns dreary
Not since then have I been so enamored by one’s soul
And now getting from one day to the next is my only goal

For there are no days like the ones we shared
Nor a porcelain rendering of beauty been bared
She’d wiggle out of her tight blue jeans
And I’d thus discover what perfection means

We’d make love with only mutual satisfaction as a concern
She’d reach behind her back to bare what would make me burn
And there stood she before me with no blemish nor flaw
Until I’d begin ravaging her with my hormones raging and raw

Fell upon me once did fortune so fair
And to expect it twice I do not dare
For she was a once in a lifetime affair
The lady who led me to the end of the labyrinth that was her lair
© 2012….copyright.....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~