Written by: Joy Wellington

                 Written by: Catie Lindsey

love you because
I've been dead inside
for so many dark and barren days
a parched and dry patch of soil
where seedlings withered away.

Then a spark took to flame
feeding only on what I feel
and grew so swiftly to a magenta blaze
when my ears met the consonants of your name.

Sound ~
   sound ~
      rain on me
as I meld into the flame
of your heart beating close to mine
setting days and nights aflame.

And standing here
(Did I say 'standing?')
as the sun sets on our love
walking into the horizon
softly I'll call your name...

O Love...
   O Love.

And if a breeze awakens you
in the deepest silence of night
turn not to the left or right

turn me not away
but enter into the holy chamber
as I meld into your magenta blaze.

                 Rewrite of Catie Lindsey's -  BECAUSE
You have made me love you
Even when I was a patch
Of soil parched and dry
Where birds ate the seeds sown
For lack of love’s rain

But when your name fell on my terrain
Your fire purged and cleansed me
Opening the floodgates
As it rain and rain and rain

The thundering of your heart 
Fueled my flutter
Love’s passion enveloped me
As days and nights is one in flame

Together we take a stand
To love until the set of life’s sun
Viewing the horizon
Your name shall be my last breath 

O darling…
    Sweet love.

If you awaken by the fanning of my breath
In the core of night’s silence
Be not by anything else be distracted 

Reciprocate my yearning 
Let love’s fire rekindle
The smoldering afterglow’s ember