I Forgive You

Written by: craig cornish

Dearest love,
We are here tonight on this very tentative and frightening occasion
To commiserate and forget, celebrate and remember, but most of all
To choose that path which will lead us to the rest of our lives.
It seems unfair that life provides us no map to guide us nor compass to lead us.
All we have is ourselves and the intuition derived from experiences
And hopefully the courage to take the next step.
We have been through paradise and hell together.
We have shared intimacy like none I’ve ever known
And indifference I wish I hadn’t, and we lost our way.
We are indeed veterans of a long struggle during which
Our hands slipped apart and we were drifting alone in places
Separate from each other’s hearts,
Blame, resentment, and escape became the fog on our separate paths
And all along the way we wished we could reach out
And find that hand that had so warmly guided us before.
We met others on our path that were lost as well
And even though their hands were not quite as warm
It was at least some comfort not to be alone.
But somehow, someway an old tattered piece of paper
With the way to a lost love burned hot in our breast pockets
With the memory of that warmer hand and warmer love.
Now the fog has broken and we stand here at this crossroad
Reading the lines and expressions of a face we’ve known before,
But instead of joy we’re afraid and our affected efforts to say hello
Expose the pain of our separation…I have missed you so
For no other has given me the height of elated emotion
Nor the comfort of an embrace that whispers “I need you”
And the physical communion of a love that once was not lost.
I share the responsibility of letting your hand slip from mine
As you do mine from yours…long ago we met at another crossroad
For the first time and we fell in love because we were attracted
To that special mix of emotions and compassion that made us feel cherished.
So we stand here again and I want to embrace you and tell you
How very much I’ve missed you, but I’m afraid and the only words
That are on my breath are “I forgive you”, I pray you feel the same…