Hard to Explain

Written by: Allen Braaten

How could it be that You are Three
Three parts, but still One in unity
It's impossible for us to explain the Trinity
We know about as much of You as we know of infinity

One thing I know is that Your Spirit lives within me
When I allow You to live thru me, I am free
Your yoke is light, I can rest while you work through me

It is amazing how much we go through before we see
So much time spent living self sufficiently
But never getting to the point of living contently

How can our lives change when we think little of Thee
Most times through brokenness, we come upon the key
You come into our hearts, compassion shown hearing our plea

This love for your children, how can it be
Difficult to explain, just like the Trinity
Much gratitude in my heart to be part of Your family
So amazing to live by grace for eternity