false imprisonment for contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

She looked at his face as he raped her
Making sure she remembered all
When it was time to go to court
She watched as the jail sentence fell

He cried in court, I am innocent
No way would I do such a crime
But the court didn’t believe him
Put him away for a long time

Seems memories are a bad thing
In times when  you’r  not well
This man was innocent of the crime
Wasn’t him at all.

Mistakes are made quite innocently
Luckily he has forgiven her
For spending 11 years behind bars
When he knew that he shouldn’t be there

Said, one day I knew I would be rescued
From this life of pain
Knowing that you are innocent
Can drive a man insane.

“Live, forgive and keep moving on” are Ronalds motto
Not an easy task
When your back is against the wall
Justice is all you ask.

Now they speak out together
Public speaking about rape and distress
And the error of the eyewitness
When the victim’s life is a mess

Ronald Cotton  received  a life sentence which was revoked upon  DNA evidence, 11 years later.