An Introduction to Science

Written by: Sharon Smith

Biologists observe the features,
Of fungi, germs and plants and creatures,
Of violent bangs there is no fear,
Except Exploding Elodea,
(You’ll need a syringe that’ll stick,
To perform this nifty trick)
How living things work, you will see,
When you learn Biology.

Chemists really love to natter,
About substances which make up matter,
And what those chemicals will do,
When other things are added too,
Or when the temperature changes,
Or we alter pressure ranges,
Recording everything they see,
That is known as Chemistry.

In Physics we will all explore,
How things move and so much more,
How stars and planets run their courses,
The interaction of matter and forces,
How the Universe came to be,
And what makes up the atomi,
Physicists find their delight,
From the very small to infinite.