Written by: HOLLY MOORE

I can feel them looking through the window
Like invading stalkers in the shadows of the still

I scamper to the floor like a scavenger hunting for winter's food
If they find me, I do not want to be seduced into their world

As I try not to penetrate the silence, I am startled by a stumble
The sudden noise summons me to investigate, so I move towards the window

It is ridiculous..there is nothing to be seen
As if lightening follows thunder, I crash back to the floor 

I slowly make it to my room
Just thinking of what happened before

Like a badger digging a hole, I scurry into bed
Eyelids heavy, sleep upon me falls, shadows envelope me after all

Morning ascends while fresh flowers I admire 
Yet, all things beautiful will once again retire......

Holly P. Moore
October 15, 2012