I Miss You

Written by: Sharaun Bullock

Aunt I Really miss u, now your 
in a better place.
And I swear I'd give the world, 
just so I could see your face.
I'd give anything I tell you, for 
one more hug, one more smile, 
one more time to see you 
dance as I just  laugh out loud.
I couldn't except that u were 
gone but it's like now I have no 
choice, and it seems like 
everytime I think of you, I still 
can hear ya voice.
I think that that's what keeps 
me going cause I still got 
Of the days that u were here, 
when u were sitting next to me.
And you always kept me 
Auntie I swear u were crazy.
Such a kind heart, amazingly 
beautiful young lady.
If tears showed how much I 
miss you, I'd own a endless 
I'd give everything I have juss 
to bring you here to me.
You were the perfect freaking  
auntie, the perfect sister, the 
perfect mother, and I'm 
missing you like crazy, and 
hope you know I really love ya.
And when it's my time to go, I 
know you'll be there waiting, 
we gone do ya dance again, 
and we'll have everybody 
So auntie" toot that thing up let 
me see u drop it" Haha. I love 
you auntie Gwen, my Mrs. Pop 
Lock And Drop It.