Written by: habib akewusola


Jss One was an insult, I cried
Like time should hit full stop,
My breakfast was sweet without
My parents tasted like this evil
I continued to hide like Air Force
Was only for my seniors.

Jss Two arrived with the wind called
I began to breath as an aspiring king
Now I believe the race would definitely 

Jss Three was the mighty season
Everyday had a sweet beginning
Suddenly the queen became pretty
As boys begin to fill big,
Every Sunday I was in the dining hall
To clean wasted beans,
The brown Khaki now fits my tiny skin.
Never did I forget the mighty JSCE.

Ss1, trousers became the big deal,
I was also a victim for every ss3's 
Morning duty was almost ending,
Up keep of the latrine was attached to
Inter house games had huge meaning
These was the day to show all my special
And entice that pretty queen,
As we stroll through freedom tree
Dangling the box room's key,
My sunday wear now had this profound whitish Glimpse. 

At ss2, I became a commissioned officer
I began to predict the whether,
Even during holidays, I dreamt of returning
To my headquarters,
In Jaguar I had two lockers.
In Dornier my friends sent invites for
Alpha wasn't my regular signal,
She whipped me in basketball finals.
I measured my days and wised there 
Could be an alternative taste
But JPE was the key to unlock ss3 dreams.

Been a finalist was like magic
Today I float on the atlantic
As I scream 'ONE BOY'
The hostel begins to panic
Ariku becomes my transit
I trained this special team of bandits
So I had a contraband producing factory.
The days now had wings
Time flew without traffic.
My ink recollect's like she was a five
Minutes conference meeting,
Many couldn't climb this Iroko
For sex seasons.
Today, am not only an ALUMNI
But an harden fresh corrosive lime
Ready to swim under river Nile's eye.
AFCS is high in the sky
With the flying colors that now
Leave in my life.

 Jss_ junior secondary
SS: Senior secondary
Jsce: Junior secondary certificate examination
Jpe: Joint promotion examination.
Ariku: A small town in Iwo,Ibadan,Nigeria.
Khaki: A thick brown material 
AFCS: Air Force Comprehensive School.