Written by: The Situation

some of us are bows
and some are arrows
our purpose in life
maybe confused and narrow
but when we see the path 
before us
and target a world 
that cannot ignore us
when we strike a blow 
for what is right in our eyes
and let the world know
that we will not compremise
fighting for a cause
and willing to die
bows are drawn  
and arrows they fly
but who are the bows
and who are the arrows
he who has a dream 
and dare the world to follow
they who are willing
unafraid of the law
provoked by the wrong
and generations that suffered long
the bows see inequailit
but will not suffer silently
the arrow see's the cause
and has no need for the pause
something must be done 
to right the laws
who will be a hero
a bow or an arrow 
not just zero

( to be continued)