We May Meet Again

Written by: Terry O'Leary

Beneath long lashes, misty clad,
      Your limpid eyes are sometimes sad;
            They bring to mind a homeless waif
                  Engulfed in rain with nowhere safe

Most times I find a cheerful light
      Within your eyes that sparkles bright,
            And though my thoughts I try to hide
                  My happiness wells up inside

At dawn I see your eyes aglow
      Like founts through which your passions flow;
            And when I’m low they always loom
                  Like morning glories through the gloom 

Your smile ashine beneath my gaze
      Effulgent eyes beam all ablaze:
            A look, a touch, a kiss I yearn,
                  You slowly make my body burn

While at your side and in a heap
      I scanned your eyes, half closed, asleep,
            And as you slept with pillow clutched,
                  Your eyelids with my lips I touched

And if you’ve ever wondered why
      I try to search within each eye,
            Though past is past, your eyes remind
                  Of bygone times when love was kind

Yet, though your eyes still cast a spell
      They seem to bid a fond farewell,
            Reflecting but a fading storm
                  Although I know your thoughts are warm

But now our paths will part, alas,
      For good things always come to pass;
            Perhaps it lies within God’s ken
                  That someday we may meet again