Dried Tears

Written by: Elton Pearson

As the hollow pain weakens, I try desperately 
to regain myself to my former being.
These cursed tears don't fall quite as frequent any more .
I'm healing slowly but surly.

As much as cutting you out of my life tempts me,
I refuse because I'm the person with the kind intentions 
and as my feelings are drowning out at sea you won't come.
When my feelings have finally suffered and died, 
that is when you will return and at that moment 
I will have the strength to say , No

My heart will continuously be worn
on my bloody sleeve.
To prove to you and the world that 
I am stronger than a seventeen year old boy,
I'm stronger than the will to lose hope and
I am most defiantly stronger than the boy 
I was when you broke my heart for the first time.

Sure I haven't completely lost 
all feelings just yet. But when it happens ,
Sweetheart I'll be standing on top of the world
out of your reach.
With you being the person who suffers in silence.
My road to recovery has begun,
and I'm not taking you with me.