Moose is Loose

Written by: Susan Burd

The moose is loose.
He just got out.
I don’t know why
He roams about.

Just last night
At half past ten
He wriggled out
From his moose pen.

He wondered ‘round
The neighbor’s yards
And watched them while
They played at cards.

It took ‘til two
To bring him back
And put him in
His cozy sack.

And now he’s on
The loose again.
Oh how, oh why
Oh where or when?

A loose moose is
‘Up to no good’
While roaming through
The neighborhood.

What could he want?
Where can he be?
Oh no, not there!
What’s that I see?

Inside the house
Of Mr. Midge,
He’s standing at
An open fridge.

I can’t believe
My tired eyes-
What my moose did-
I tell no lies.

He reached inside
The old fridge door,
Took out the juice;
Sat on the floor,

Then chugged it down-
Let out a burp;
My moose is such
A sloppy twerp!

He sucked it dry,
Then wiped his mouth.
I think I’ll ship
Him somewhere south.

“Get out here now,
But clean up first!”
I can’t believe
This moose’s thirst.

“If Mr. Midge
Knows it was you,
He’ll turn you in
To jars of glue.”

He left moose tracks
Out on the lawn.
We must be quick
It’s almost dawn!

"A wild moose chase
You led me on-
Tomorrow you
May well be gone!"

"Now I know why
Dear Uncle Jake
Got rid of you-
For heaven’s sake!"

“Go back to bed
You menace moose.”
And all this for
A glass of juice!

Susan Burd ©2012