Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

Try to remember
When there was no despair,
Try to remember a time,
When we breathed the clean fresh air.

I'm sure there were a few years
Not that long ago,
When people were not starving
And the job market was not slow.

I don't remember murders
Or teenagers carrying guns, 
I don't remember so much crime
Or months without the sun.

We didn't dress like models
Or drive such fancy cars,
We enjoyed the simple things
Like ten cent candy bars.

An evening stroll around the block
Was replaced by a real vacation,
Suddenly the human race 
Was wise with education.

We had to learn so very much
To make that extra buck,
And I'd you master high tech jobs
Then you were out of luck.

So was was left to even care
When our world came tumbling down,
When Violence, Hate, and Corruption
Arrived WITHOUT A SOUND.....

Lynn (Hanna) Barany