Destined to Love

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Destined to Love" twilight Moon cascades, haunting tapestry as hearts incline to secrets of mellow night clandestine caresses embrace 'neath canopy lovers silhouette engage in sweet romantic flight ascending to voluminous height. in ebony atmosphere, flirtatious fondling ignites fire as breathless succulence invades flesh and bone with adventurous satisfaction, love pursues deepest desire while sequined stars illuminate soft tone captivating aura of mysterious moan. forbidden fruit lies tenderly amidst dew-kissed heather hypnotic force of true love refused to be denied petite vision in chantilly lace and supple leather emotions escalate vast inner feelings to subside love conquers life, happiness cried. a lovers touch creates palatial garden of delight a beautiful expression accentuating rare romance inhaling fragile fragrance although their precious plight encircles pair in eternal dance succumbing to the power of temptation's trance. twilight Moon cascades, haunting tapestry gently, pure white wings of turtledove whispers an evening song 'neath lovely canopy while heavenly stardust shimmers from above smiling upon lovers destined to love. *For old romantic poems Contest..