Pearls Of Wisdom

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

Sitting on a park bench 
and taking in the view,
she always had an eye out 
for us children, right on cue.
With her muffler and a blanket
to keep away the cold,
she smiled to see us frolicking,
to us she wasn't old.

We clustered all around her,
we called her 'Auntie Pearl,'
and listened to her stories of
when she was just a girl;
tales of pinafores and mittens,
smashing hats for Sunday best,
patent leather shoes, and stockings,
turning out so smartly dressed! 

There were picnics and fun times
down by the river where we'd skip
a mile or more, (our feet were sore!)
but we enjoyed the trip!
Riding in a carriage pulled by
horses up and down the street,
calling at a neighbour's house -
there'd always be a treat!

Taking presents to the homeless
the day after Christmas Day,
helping those who didn't have 
much food to eat, or games to play.
She told us, "Listen to your folks
and grow up big and strong,
help others when you have the chance,
and greet them with a song!"

One Saturday she didn't come 
to take her usual seat. 
We kids all clamoured, "Where's Aunt Pearl? 
she makes our day complete." 
Moms said: "She's telling stories 
to the angels now, it's true. 
She loves you all, believe me, 
she's still watching over you."