Written by: Allison Ballard

In the latter end of May
I learned how you lay 
with happy clean lips and 
heavy arms slipped around my heart
more tightly than the dreams
that carry us like kings
under our white star, under my
hands and hard work
to be here, next to you
to be a gift and a prize
to allow my red feet to forget how
far they've come 
at the sight of your peace, your lightly closed eyes, 
our happy juxtaposition
and I keep falling for you...
This moment was only a chance 
but you were the only chance I'd take
You're my first
though this moment won't last
I am your constant, I can't leave you
As a branch I may fall when you are dry
but whether low or high, I'll only be next to you
Where you lay, in the deepest part of my heart
I'll be there