My Words

Written by: Allison Ballard

My words shoot up like a fortress and a podium
they lower like a microphone, they wrap me up
like a crass Vegas robe, they compose me
like a masterpiece

I am never something appropriate off the stage
and yet here are my words, here am I
a dreamer, a romantic
A highly impassioned store of perceptions and

A lover who shoes and feeds and cleans
I am a woman, but more than that, I am my words
and those words build a home, a stronghold

Cross me, and I am a whirlwind, a hurricane
destroying without sentiment, wiping the land clean

But smile, and I owe you my world

Loyalty is my love, Honesty my god
and magic never died for me

Maybe I'm a child, maybe I'm a woman
Maybe either is bad, but this is my composition

This is my home, my words, my heart, my might
My existence paints me black and white
I see grey but I see justice, I see prescriptions to be made
whether they be " I love you"
or "I hate you"
I will proclaim it from the heights

The emperor has no clothes

I just want to be with you

I can't sleep tonight...

And you will hear me...